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Motiva – Focal Point for Sustainable and Innovative Public Procurement

Motiva gives advice and consultancy to public procurers around sustainable and cleantech procurements. It covers all stages of the procurement process.

Our objective is to provide product group specific procurement guidance and advice according to knowledge base and ambition level of the procuring entity.

We offer tools and guidelines, suggest criteria to be used in procurements and give advice for market dialogue. We collect and disseminate best practices and success stories. Our quarterly send newsletter reaches over 1000 public procurers and local decision makers. In addition, we coordinate national network on GPP.

Motiva’s free Help Desk provides:
  • Link to environmental knowledge of products
  • Link to impartial market information
  • Funding information
  • Opportunities for innovative procurement
  • Advice in making a procurement strategy or selling the business case of GPP
  • Information on tools and guidelines
  • Facilitating dialogue between supply and demand
  • Best practices
  • Networking opportunities
  • Information on how EED can be implemented in GPP

International projects

Innocat (2013-2016)
Motiva participated in INNOCAT project, which aimed to bring together a group of public and private buyers to publish a series of tenders for eco-innovative catering products, services and solutions. The aim was to help encourage eco-innovation in the catering sector by providing a sizeable launch market for new solutions.

INNOCAT addressed environmental and social improvements in a range of fields, including:
  • Transport
  • Waste re-use and recycling
  • Bio-based products
  • Energy-efficient equipment

INNOCAT project was funded by the European Commission’s Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme (CIP).

Baltic GPP (2011-2013)
The Baltic GPP project established a wide capacity building program on Green Public Procurement (GPP) across the Baltic Sea Region (BSR). The overall aim was to increase the level and uptake of GPP in the entire region. Motiva lead communication activities in the project, and we had an active role in creating training and elearning materials.

SCI Network 2009-2012
Motiva was partner in SCI-Network, which aim was to connect public authorities looking for procure innovative and sustainable solutions within their construction projects.

The network worked together to:
  •  Explore European best practice in construction procurement, and
  • Identify how to best encourage innovation and sustainability

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